XY-1820 Biological Blue Sponge Filter Media 90cm x 30cm

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Name: XY-1820 Biological Blue Sponge Filter
Quantity in the Pack: 1
Product Type: Aquarium Filter Media
Brand / Manufacturer: Xinyou
Model: XY-1820
Color: Blue
Product Weight: 150g
Product Size (L x W x H) : 90cm x 30cm x 2cm
Applicable: For Fresh and Salt Water Aquarium
Compositions / Materials : Polyurethane

Product Details:

  1. Non-toxic for Fresh and Salt Water Aquarium.
    2. Has a good filtration function to make water clearer.
    3. Support to increase the growth of bacterias.

 The polyurethane foam filter has different mesh, with high resilience, many colors, and good air permeability. It is durable in water and low cost.
The application and action of the filter sponge

1. This product can be used for seawater and freshwater tank,s and waterweeds tanks with the sizes being cut as your wish.
2. According to the analysis of the experts, this product is very suitable for the breeding of nitrobacteria
3. The biochemical sponge has the best effect on decomposing the excrement and the forage leftovers and improving the filtering effect, It can reduce the death rate of fish.
4. Being cleaned with water once per month, it can be reused after cleaning, not lose shape, and not blocking.