About Us


 " Our mission is to be creating a higher level aquarium product and close that being animal and people together to create memorable experience."


 " To be leader in the care and exhibition of animal with to intend to provide our customer the best aquarium product experience from beginning to end."


New very unusual rare species are available from us in exclusive, from our lists, that contains more than 100 species at this moment (only fresh water tropical fish). You can subscribe to our mailing lists for obtain the most recent information about our industry. Aqua Link aquarium group, always work according with the Sri Lankan government laws for protects the big biodiversity of all species of our country.

With all this capacity and all complete chain of collection and sales, also the best service that you never try before. We can offer you: top quality fish only, at good and reasonable prices. (top quality fish at very cheap final landing cost for your company).