BOYU BT-02 Aquarium Glass Thermometer

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  • The Glass Thermometer for Aquariums by Boyu is the perfect way to monitor the temperature of your aquariums water.
  • Accurate and easy to read Safety Zone - to ensure your tropical fish are always kept within the correct temperature level
  • Made from durable glass Includes suction cup to attach your thermometer to your aquarium or can be left free floating.
  • Monitoring your aquariums water temperature will have never been easier as it is with the Glass Thermometer for Aquariums by Marina.

Tube made of glass with precision etching
Suction cup provided is corossion resistant
Easy to read temperature scale upto 50 degrees celciusBoyu Water Level Alarm SW-01
Alarm of high/low Aquarium Tank water level 

The alarm of high/low water level can be adjusted at will according to your requirement Split type design, sound-light alarm, and conenient to use With English/Chinese user manual

Made of high-quality plastic and electronics, this product is durable with long service life
Water level high/low alarm can be adjusted according to your requirement
Sound-light (audio/visual) alarm with button batteries for easy installation and maintenance
This product should not be submerged in water