Boyu BY-28 Siphon Gravel Cleaner with Valve

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  • Budget-friendly aquarium water changer and gravel cleaner
  • Streamline routine aquarium water changes and vacuuming
  • Clean gravel with easy
  • Very useful while draining out aquarium water.
  • Removes debris and dirt between gravels.
  • Very useful while recommended 10% of water exchange.
  • Vacuum siphon pump. No need to use your mouth.
  • Keeps the aquarium clean, and gives your fish a nice living environment

Innovative auto siphon pump, quick and easy
Adjust flow control value as needed for different size aquariums
Compositions and materials are plastic and silicon
Integrated gravel/fish strainer
6 feet of tubing included

Submerge gravel vacuum cleaner inside the aquarium
Place another end of the hose into a bucket
Open up flow control valve
Start SQUEEZING the auto-siphon pump until a siphon is created
Remove fish waste and debris by lowering gravel vacuum on gravel
Adjust flow control valve as needed for different size aquariums