BOYU FP-2000 Adjustable Water Pump 43W

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Power:- 43W
QMAX:- 2000L/h
HMAX:- 3m

The BOYU Liquid pumps are submersible and suitable for all hydroponc systems and nutrient solution pumping requirements.

The shaft is non-corrosive and all line parts are sealed, waterproof and insulated. Disassembly and cleaning is easy thanks to the clever design.

  • Budget-friendly aquarium/hydroponic water pumps boast high-end performance.
  • Modern, compact and offers large flux and high lift.
  • Fully sealed and motor for sage operation: high efficiency, low energy consumption and long working time.
  • Wear- resistant stainless steel axle- Ideal for both sea and fresh water.
  • ABS plastic coated body, durable construction and non corroding.
  • 240v plug with no electrical knowledge needed.
  • Comes in various sizes (Select Above).