BOYU SF-102 Biochemical Aquarium Fish Tank Sponge Filter

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  • Excellent primary /secondary filtration
  • Structured foam for effective bacteria cultivation
  • Weighted bottom section for stability
  • Excellent for small, shrimp or fry tanks
  • Compatible with most filter or air pumps
  • Size: 7.7x7.7x24cm

The SF foam/sponge filter is ideal for use with small fish tanks, fry, shrimp & discus.

Perfect for use as a primary filter in small aquariums or an additional filter in larger aquariums the SF filter range can be operated by most kinds of filtration including external, submersible, connect, and trickle filters. The SF filters connects directly to the inlet pipework of your external filter or internal filter as well as the powerhead pumping to your trickle filter system. Alternatively, you can operate the SF filter by attaching an air pump's air hose to the included nozzle attachment, this fits standard air hose 4/6mm.