BOYU SF-104 Super Bio Aquarium Sponge Filter

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Internal sponge filter, it can be activated with the help of an air pump (aerator not included) with a power head or as a prefilter in external filters.

Filter with a large surface area that prevents areas of stagnant water, easy maintenance thanks to its modular design, can be used in aquariums up to 200 liters.

Ideal as a filter in invertebrate aquariums, in quarantine aquariums or for reproduction setups where it is necessary to avoid a strong flow that could harm the organisms in question.

Internal sponge filters are one of the most practical and economical solutions for using small aquariums and shrimp tanks. They are also a highly recommended option for breeding or fattening batteries of fry, Killis batteries, Betta fish batteries, shrimp and isolation and quarantine aquariums.