BOYU WF-2035 Hang On Back Filter Water Fall Style HOB Filter

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Boyu WF 2035 Hang On Filter: Hanging-on water pump installed, with good shock absorption function, low noise, adjustable water flow rate, simple assembly, and operation.

Internal mechanical, chemical, and biochemical filtering functions, with three layers of filtering to assure pure water and reduce water flow noise.

Water contamination could be successfully dealt with by surface oil film processing equipment.

A specially constructed waterfall flow water circulation system aids in the diffusion of CO₂ in the water and gives enough oxygen to the tank.

When the filter is activated, you can hear the chatters like mountain springs, and enjoy the beautiful view of waterfall and stream.

Surface water contamination is successfully dealt with by surface oil film processing equipment.

Power: 4.6W Flow Rate: 300L/h  Size: 184x98x301mm


  • Low noise and adjustable water flow rate
  • Easy for assembling and operation
  • Internal mechanical chemical and biochemical filtering function
  • Comes with a surface skimmer attachment


  • The pump motor is high-efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Energy-saving