CR-8800 Fish Cleaner Super Filter

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CR-8800 Fish Cleaner Super Filter 


Introducing these NEW technology Fish Waste TURBO Suction aquarium fish waste filters. The unique design of these filters helps aid in the removal of your aquarium fish's waste. The turbo design causes a cyclone effect inside the filter drawing waste from where it gathers most (the bottom of the aquarium)

The Turbo suction filters will gather fish excrement and catch it in the base of the filter where it is trapped until cleaning. The water then returns to the aquarium after passing through the filters internal biological cartridge (containing Bio Media beads which house large quantity of  beneficial bacteria, which consume harmfull waste)


  • Cleaning and air aiding your tank.
  • Cleans Fish Waste from the bottom of the tank.
  • Brand : Xin Xin
  • Product : Turbo Suction Filter
  • Mechanics : Air Driven
  • Material : Clear Plastic
  • Filter Material : Bio Media Beads
  • Packaging : Boxed
  • Size : 9cm W x H
  • Aquarium Size : 120L