Growel Intan Koi Joy Pellets (7mm Floating) 1kg

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Intan Koi Joy Pellets (Floating Pellets), a Highly Nutritious Ornamental Fish Food with 38% protein, are specifically formulated for all types of Koi fish. Made from an exclusive blend of special ingredients, this food is scientifically developed to enhance overall health, growth, immunity, colouration, & body shape. The high-quality protein content ensures the development of new tissues, robust muscle health, & strength. These pellets boost the overall vitality & energy of Koi carps, supporting a joyful & long lifespan.

- Exclusive food, nutritionally balanced for enhancing vivid colours & growth of Koi carps
- High in protein, contains Antarctic krill for added flavour & palatability
- Rich in Spirulina content that brings out the vibrant colours of Koi carps
- Good digestibility & excellent intake with no pollution of water