Guo Elephant Planted Tank Glue Fixed plants and Corals 5g

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  • Can be used in water. Easy to use, instant effect.
  • No harm to plants and animals, easily stick and fix plants on hardscape, and works perfectly underwater.
  • Can be used on driftwood, stones and other hardscapes.
  • Paste form, no dripping.
  • A must-have product for aquascapers.
  • Works perfectly in the water. Unique sticky function for coral available underwater.
  • Suitable for artificial decoration, coral frags, wood, leather, metal, plastic, etc.
  • This product can also be applied to bonding metal, most plastic, and rubber, toys, etc.
  • The glue is a colourless transparent liquid, strong sticky, and becomes colourless hard.
  • A transparent colloid, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product, safe to fish.
  • Can bond in a few seconds to the material, the most effective and most economical adhesive.
  • Strong adhesion, its unique performance is very suitable for bonding small areas.
  • Keep away from skin, eyes, and children.
  • 5g