Intan Faux Worm Sticks 70g

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Intan Faux Worm Sticks (Slowly Sinking Sticks), a Highly Nutritious Ornamental Fish Food with 46% protein, are specially formulated for all types of fish including Discus, Loaches, Large Tetras & Small Cichlids. These sticks are designed to mimic the shape of live worms, providing a safer alternative to live feed, which can be messy & difficult to obtain. The consumption of live foods can increase the risk of parasitic loads & microbial infections in fish & their environments. Our delightful 'faux-worm' formulation offers excellent nutrition that is tasty, healthy & safe while effectively mimicking the appeal of live worms.

- “Faux-worms”, a fabulous mimic food
- Live food replacement that is just as palatable
- Natural colour enhancement with sustainable sources of Antarctic krill
- Low water turbidity
- Garlic fights parasites & strengthens immunity

Best suited for Discus, Loaches, Large tetras, small cichlids