Ocean Free OX Super RedSyn For Flowerhorn Fish 120g

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  • Feeding will induce greater development of head growth and contoured shape. redness of fish bodies can be more evident. (Also suitable for another Flowerhorn cichlid breed)
  • Ocean-free XO Super Redsyn is the total special formulated fish feed that will induce speedy head growth for the new generation Redsyn Flower Horn Breeds. The shape of the head growth and redness will also improve through constant feeding.
  • Feed is high in protein so as to help fish grow at a faster rate and improving head growth.
  • The high content of Spirulina and high-grade special color enhancement ingredients will improve the fish’s colors in a 2-3 weeks period.
  • Special immune substances are added to increase fish’s resistance against diseases.
  • Weight 120g