Ocean Free Special Arowana Medication Internal Bacteria & Ulcer Away

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The sudden death that occurred in Arowana is caused by internal bacteria infection. Some of such occurrences do not show any such symptoms at all. Special Arowana internal bacteria and ulcer away is an advanced remedy to act fast against such bacteria attack and prevent it from spreading further It is less toxic than other medication in the market and will not dye/color the aquarium water. This medication is harmless to all fish, filters bacteria and plants. Specially formulated for Arowana and other quality Fish When to use Appearance of ulcer (open sores) Popping eye Fish losing color Lack of Appetite Appearance of Red streaks Rotting of gills and clamping of fins Dropsy, sudden death occurrences

  • Ulcer
  • Blood streaks
  • Dropsy
  • Abdominal swelling & gill rot caused by bacteria
  • 150ml