OKIKO Head Up Huncher Flower Horn Fish Food 100g

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  • GREEN OKIKO FLOWERHORN FISH FOOD Head Up Huncher Formula : HIGH PROTEIN 51 % This Tropical Fish Food Formulated with natural Astaxanthin Red Color Enhancing, purine gives bright & beautiful colors to fish - Rich in high quality calcium formula help growth up of fish front - Contains stable vitamin C helps absorbed immediately of fish, avoids nutrient leach into water - Concentrated with active yeast powder, Fish Food probiotic is high benefit & enhances immunity


  • A special and unique formula that can make the Flowerhorn head grow quickly. Fast and beautiful clear color. It also has a perfect shape and balance, Special with the size of Pellets Fish Food There are both small and large enough. Promotes easier digestion of fish This allows the fish to receive nutrients faster and better. Can be used from Newborn Fry Fish Flowerhorn Feed, don't waste time Because you can use our Flowerhorn Food for the rest of their lives.


  • Medium (2mm)