Planatopia Biosphere Aquarium Fertilizer Healthy Aquatic Environment

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• Biosphere contains the beneficial microorganisms that effectively establish the biological system in an aquarium.

• These effective microorganisms rapidly break down the organic waste into trace elements that could be easily absorbed by the aquatic plants.

• Biosphere enhances the rate of nitrification, denitrification, and organic waste degradation in the aquarium through complete nutrient remineralization while improving the clarity and the quality of water in your aquarium.

• Biosphere contains highly effective microorganisms that comb against the spreading of harmful diseases in our aquarium.

• Biosphere contains a colony of live bacteria to complement the existing gut flora naturally present in a healthy digestive system of freshwater shrimp and fishes and helps to maintain their health as in their natural habitat.

• This product also inhibits the growth of algae by stabilizing the ecosystem in your aquarium whilst maintaining a healthy aquarium with improved water quality.


• One scoop for every 2 kg of Aquarium soil or sand. (Recommended dosage)
• Sprinkle Biosphere evenly under the substrate when setting up a new tank.
• Will not harm fish even overdose.
• Biosphere activates the effective microorganisms by making their way into the filter and the substrate.
• Discontinue the CO2 injection when you use this product and perform aeration adequately until the cloudiness disappears. If there is residue due to overdose or sprinkled directly onto aquatic plants, it could be extracted during a water change if you wish.
• This product is not recommended for marine or reef aquariums.


• Store in a cool dry place
• 2 years from the date of manufacture. Keep in a sealed container
• Once opened store it in the fridge – If the temperature in your room is not higher than 24 Celsius degrees – you can keep it in the room, not in the fridge.
•Keep out of reach of children