Planatopia Nutribites 150g for small tropical fish High Protein Feed

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  • Ideal for Tropical Fish ( Discus, Angel …)
  • 150g Packet

Planatopia NutriBites

Planatopia NutriBites features a blend of organic components such as krill and traces of nuts and fish oil, meticulously selected to appeal to even the most selective eaters within the aquarium. Through the integration of biochemical synthesis, this formula incorporates color-enhancing carotenoids that enhance the color as well as the natural color tones. This is a well-balanced meal formulated using premium ingredients and essential oils that supports the immune system as well as healthy growth through optimal levels of nutrition while maintaining pristine water conditions. Crafted, manufactured, and packaged within our own facilities, and we ensure the quality that you expect.


Feed two to three times each day, ensuring that they can fully consume within a brief timeframe. Turning the water flow down when feeding can be beneficial. Remove any uneaten food after the feeding period to avoid any health-impacting water quality issues. Prevent excessive feeding, as this can lead to complications in the water quality of your aquarium.


fish meal, rice meal, krill meal, wheat flour, cuttlefish meal, wheat germ meal, Cashew nut meal, stabilized vitamin C, fish oil, seaweed extract, vegetable extract, moringa extract, garlic, traces of healthy nuts, vitamin E supplement.

Nutritional Analysis

Crude Potein min. 46%, Crude Fat min 7%, Crude fiber max.8%, moisture max: 10%, Ash max. 17%,Phosphorus min. 1.1%.