Planatopia Shrimp Feast Fish Food 75g

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Planatopia Shrimp Feast

Planatopia Shrimpfeast is formulated to ensure optimal nutrition for your pet shrimp.
Incorporated with vegetable components, including nutrient-rich seaweed and spirulina, catering to the dietary preferences of herbivorous shrimp. The thoughtfully curated blend of ingredients, fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients, supports vital processes like proper ecdysis (molting). These ingredients were chosen meticulously using premium-quality marine and vegetable proteins that cater perfectly to their dietary needs, providing them with substantial energy reserves that are essential for their well-being. Planatopia Shrimp feast is also formulated to ensure optimal nutrition for your pet shrimps and prevent the clouding of water while maintaining a crystal-clear aquatic environment.


Feed two to three times each day, ensuring that they can fully consume within a brief timeframe. Prevent excessive feeding, as this can lead to complications in the water quality of your aquarium.


Spirulina, Fish meal, Rice meal, spirulina, krill meal, Cashew nut meal, wheat hour, cuttlefish meal, seaweed extract, wheat germ meal, stabilized Vitamin C, fish oil, vegetable extract, Moringa extract, garlic, traces of nuts, vitamin supplement.

Nutritional Analysis

Crude Potein min. 36%, Crude Fat min 9.5%, Crude fiber max.6%, moisture max: 15%, Ash max. 15%,Phosphorus min. 1%.