RS-313 Aquarium AC DC Rechargeable Air Pump Single Outlet

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Power : 1W on batteries
Pressure : 0,01 Mpa
Dimensions ( l/w/h ) : 8,5/11,5/8,5 cm.
Number of outputs : one (1)
Power supply : 22OV, 
Kit contents : 1 piece. pump, hose 1 m., charger, stone
Manufacturer : RS Electrical
Origin : China

Aquarium air pump:

here are many different types of the aquarium air pump.such as electrical air pump,battery air pump,AC&DC air pump etc. There are many different style of the aquarium air pump.pls below attchment. Connect pump to air stone or filter via airline. Please make sure placing air pump above water lever at all times or use the check valve,prevent the water flow back to the air pump,when a power failure. To prolong pump life,replace air stones regularly. Never allow pump to put into water.If the pump stopped functioning or accidental drop in tank,pls turn off power supply immediately.

Aquarium air pump important Safeguard:

Disconnect all the plugs of the electrical aquarium appliances before putting hands into water. We recommended that air pump and other electrical aquarium devices.should be connected to correct voltage and power.


  • Long Lasting Performance
  • Energy Saving Design
  • Low Noise Big Output
  • Best use to carry your fishes with you while long distance transportation
  • Connect by tube with air-stone and air-outlet of pump