RS-4002 Protein Skimmer

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Removes and collects protein waste from water Waste particles are collected by very small air bubbles, forming waste foam at the top of the skimmer Wooden air stone generates very small air bubbles Easy to assemble and easy to clean Air tube, wooden air stone and suction caps are inclusive Assembly Instructions: Connect air tube with air pump (not inclusive) and wooden air stone Locate wooden air stone at the bottom of the skimmer (refer to illustration on box) Fix the 2 suction caps to the side of the skimmer Locate the skimmer into aquarium, make sure the top is always above water level, then secure the skimmer to the side of aquarium by suction caps Turn on the air pump,waste foam should be collected at the top of the skimmer Maintenance should be carried out every 2 weeks in removing the waste particles from the skimmer