RS-1303 Aquarium Power Head Water Pump 10W

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Power : 10W

QMAX : 800 L/H

H.Max : 0.8m

Product Description
This for fresh or salt water aquariums and comes complete with hose and suction cups.

Submersible aquarium power head designed for pushing water to an external filtration system or simply moving water in your tank.

Also has the feature to be able to add aeration to your tank using the provided venturi air pipe and included equipment.

Suitable for fresh or salt water aquarium tanks up to 180 Litres. Venturi effect as water is pumped back into the tank, it can also be aerated by a venturi pipe.

This accelerates the water flow and draws in a stream of air from above the surface.

Complete with hose and suction cups for fixing to the side of the aquariums.