RS-990 Aquarium Air Pump 4 Air Outlets 12W

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  • The product possess advanced air compressing system , damping system and multilevel muffler which is extremely low in noise .
  • Gives Long Lasting Performance and energy saving design
  • Suitable For Both Fresh and Sea Water
  • Suction Cups To Fit Any Aquarium.

RS-9902 Aquarium air pump { 4 way } AC: 220-240V, Power: 12W, Max Output: 10L/Min, Pressure: 0.015 Mpa. RS-9903 Aquarium Air Pumps and Accessories are multi-functional addition to any aquarium. These inexpensive items help increase oxygen level and improve aquarium water quality. This gives a Long Lasting performance, Energy Saving design, With Low Noise , Suction cups to fit any aquarium.

Instructions for use: Connect the air pump to air stone or filter via air pipe. Plug into 220-240 volt power point. To prolong pump life, replace air stones regularly and Never allow pump to come in contact with water. Air pumps have to be kept at a height higher than the highest water level of the aquarium, to ensure that the water does not flow back into the air pump in case of electricity failure, and not touching or abutting the aquarium to ensure that the vibration caused by the air pumps does not disturb the aquatic fishes.

Important Safeguard: Disconnect all the plugs of the electrical aquarium appliances before putting hands into the water. We recommended that air pump and other electrical aquarium devices should be connected to correct voltage and power supplies with ground fault circuit interrupters.