SB-268 Sobo Aquarium AC DC Rechargeable Air Pump

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Model no.: SB-268 (Double output)
size approx.: 11 x 8 x 4cm
Power: AC 2W, DC 5W
Air output: 2 x 3L/min
Air pressure: 2 x 0.015Mpa

Package Includes: 
1pcs Air pump , 2*80cm air Tube ,2pcs air stones and 2pcs air valves (SB-268)


1, USB RECHARGEABLE : The oxygen pump is equipped with a USB charging port, which can be connected to a power bank, car, computer and socket to charge conviniently.

2, LONG WORKING LIFE BATTERY AND 2 WORKING MODE: This aerator built-in rechargeable battery provides about 15 horrs working time. When not plugged in, If Intermittent work mode, it can last for about 24 hours; If only non-stop /continus working mode, it can last for about 12 hours.

3, AUTO-START AFTER POWER OFF: When plugged in to work, it can be charged while working. After fully charged, it will only work without charging. After the power is cut off, it will automatically switch to the lithium battery to continue working to ensure sufficient oxygen supply to the fish anytime and anywhere.

4, SILENT AIR PUMP: The quiet rechargeable air pump has sound minimum to 35dB. The aquarium air pump won't disturb your sleep during it running, which is suitable for the quiet environment to feed fish, such as living room, bedroom, outdoor fishing and so on.

5, ENERGY-SAVING: Low power can save energy and won't get overheated when running.

6, PORTABLE, KEEPS FISH ALIVE ANYWHERE : With a small size, it is easy to carry around and fish stays alive in any container such as aquarium, bait bucket, cooler or ice chest.

7, MULTI-PURPOSE AERATOR PUMP:Use for outdoor fishing, transporting fish, traveling, moving, and bait cooling. Back up aquarium air pump during power outage.

8, EASY TO USE AIR BUBBLER: Place hose into water and turn the device on. Hook attaches device to bucket, tank, or any container.



1, This air pump can not be put in water.
2, If this pump drop into the water, cut off the power deliberately.