Solar Fountain Pump Fountain Solar Panel 13cm

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【Solar Fountain】

1. When the solar panel receives sufficient sunlight, the water pump will start within 3 seconds.

2. This solar brushless water pump adopts Hall element with high sensitivity and low power consumption, and is driven by efficient and intelligent electronic circuit, and adopts the volute design in fluid mechanics for the impeller cavity to reduce the resistance of water flow, so that the comprehensive performance is better than that of the traditional structure. The efficiency of the solar water pump is increased by 20%. It also solves the shortcomings of the current brushless solar water pump, which is difficult to start, low in efficiency and poor in stability.

3. This product is a solar direct-drive water pump, without an external battery, and the height of the water spray is 60-80cm (depending on the strength of the sun). When the sun is weak, the water pump will not work continuously, and will automatically start repeatedly until the sun reaches a certain intensity, and it will automatically resume continuous work.

4. The water pump can be connected with nozzles of different shapes to spray different types of water. Water spray height: 60-100cm, when connecting different nozzles, the water spray height will be different..


Type Choose:13cm

Solar panel size: Ø 160mm (monocrystalline silicon)

Water pump voltage: DC 7V

Solar panel voltage: 7V

Solar panel power: 1.5W

Pump power: 1W

Maximum flow: 190L/H

Color: Black

Size:Diameter 13cm

【Package include】

Nozzle × 6 (different effects),

Nozzle Base × 1,

Adapter × 1