Til 600 Fish Food 1kg Aquarium Floating Fish Feed 6mm Size

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  • Til 600 Size 06mm
  • Protein Level 30%
  • Floating Grrower Feed
  • Correct protein and energy level to retain good shape
1. Til 450 (size 6mm) is a complete floating grower feed with a 30% protein level to promote growth.

2. The right protein / energy (P/E) ratio not only gives a good growth and muscle development but also helps to keep the right shape.

3. You can use Til 600 to Grow Carp Fish large sizes.

4. Feed 2-3 times a day, it is advisable to finish eating within

5 minutes, and take out the remaining fish food in time. It is recommended to feed different kinds of fish food every day (two kinds of interval feeding are also possible)